Bagong, who?

A few days ago, I traveled from Malang to Tulungagung, then to Surabaya and back to Malang. Invited, this trip I was deliberately trying to feel a new route from PO Bagong. This new route is Tulungagung – Surabaya via the Toll/Non Toll road.

This is not new to me, since working in Jakarta I use Bus for roundtrip BSD-Kalimalang every day. But for the AKDP (inter-city within the province) Bagong Bus route is the first experience. PO. Bagong, which has been serving transportation services for decades, is one of the transportation giants in East Java and has expanded its wings by opening new routes.

My journey starts from Arjosari Terminal at 6 am. During the trip to the location of the departure point, namely in the Gayatri Terminal Tulungagung, Arriving at the Gayatri Terminal Tulungagung around 9.30.




Bus Bagong

Seeing Bagong bus sightings, immediately excited! Placed “AC Luxury TARIF BIASA”. Wow really, with its appearance does look like “Bagong” fat and clean white.

Bus Bagong
Bus Bagong With Baha’s

According to information, for those via the toll the price is only IDR 25,000. Via non-toll, is only 24,000 IDR. Affordable right?

With that rate, the facilities are great. The bus is luxury, look at the interior,

Bus Bagong
Bus Bagong

Bus Bagong
Bus Bagong

As I said affordable prices are one of the advantages of this bus. Affordable at the latest facilities. There are sockets too. Maybe you need a smartphone charge.

Finally, I like this Bagong Bus service. Update and become a solution for citizens to get public transportation with good facilities, affordable prices, and certainly safe, fast.

Success Bagong Bus !!!


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